A Rabbi’s Vision Continues

A Rabbi’s Vision Continues


Our brand-new book, A Rabbi’s Vision Continues, provides an excellent and inspirational history of Chosen People Ministries. This collection of essays from both Messianic and traditional Jewish scholars highlights the efforts of Rabbi Leopold Cohn and his son, Joseph, as they launched a turn-of-the-century mission—now known as Chosen People Ministries—to bring the Gospel of Jesus to their Jewish people. Price $21


The apostle Paul did more than any other person in the ancient world to assure that Christianity became a cross-cultural movement rather than an obscure Jewish sect. His writings make up much of the New Testament. But how did Jesus take a young hothead who persecuted Christians and turn him into the first evangelist to the Gentiles? What can we learn from the way Paul responded to God’s call?
Deepening Life Together helps answer these questions and many more. Each session guides you through the Scriptures, cultivating a dynamic group discussion and helping you grow in a deeper relationship with God and others.

This is an 4-session study from the Deepening Life Together Series. Perfect for small group ministries, Sunday school classes, and church-wide campaigns, this unique DVD-based small group series includes everything a new or experienced leader needs to successfully start or sustain a healthy small group.

Guides include spiritual assessments and group forms to chart and track your spiritual growth as well as reflections for daily watering in the Word. For groups who like to go even deeper, guides include optional reference material and questions for deeper study. There are also Leader Notes in the back of the book.

The Lifetogether curriculum format is based on the five Biblical purposes from the Purpose-Driven Paradigm and is developed to enhance fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship in the small group setting. Each study has a companion DVD and Resource CD that contains Session Outlines with Bible references, Sermon Outlines for Pastors, PowerPoint graphics, and artwork for outreach materials, bulletin inserts, banners, and much more. Resource CDs also include planning materials to use the study in a church-wide campaign and Leader Training packets.

Lifetogether has developed and sold over 2.5 million copies of bestselling, award-winning curriculum for small groups.


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